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October 7th - Mayor Rob Martin from Colwood

October 8, 2019

"Westshore Business" is honoured to be talking to Rob Martin, the Mayor of Colwood, for a second time this year! There are so many exciting things going on in Colwood these days it's hard to keep up. However, in our latest podcast, we were to chat about at least three of these activities:

  • 2 awards were earned by the City recently...an International Award & UBCM Community Excellence Award for Asset Management specific to Colwood's Sustainable Infrastructure Replacement Plan.
  • We were able to secure a scoop so to speak...listen in to the Mayor announcing the name of the developer of the Allendale Pit lands (actually 4 parcels of land of about 19 acres)
  • the recent VREB tour around Colwood for 20 Real Estate Agents...

We'll be touching base again with Mayor Martin before Christmas...there are so many exciting activities & developments going on in Colwood it's hard to keep up! :)

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