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Langford Mayor Stew Young - April 28th 2020

Langford Mayor Stew Young - April 28th 2020

April 30, 2020
  • 100,000 masks being distributed (at cost)

    • being delivered to businesses
    • till shields, face shields and hand sanitizers available via mobile PPE stocked vans
    • $1,000 - $2,000 worth of PPE equipment sold daily
    • daily one of these PPE supply vans will be parked in front of City Hall for residents
    • in-home testing still available
  • The Mayor's thoughts regarding a post-COVID economy...
    • January - March 2019 - $108 million in development permits
    • January - March 2020 - $146 million in development permits
    • Langford never really closed!
      • Big Box stores still open
      • keep the essential services open
  • trying to obtain a Rapid-Tester for the city
  • much more testing & PPE is required...should be a national focus...no excuse
  • where did you get the masks from?
    • Mayor Young has an extensive personal network across the world, e.g., Hong Kong, England, Edmonton
  • local procurement highlights & stories of PPE equipment purchases, i.e. masks
Colwood Mayor Rob Martin - April 28th update

Colwood Mayor Rob Martin - April 28th update

April 30, 2020

We understand the success of Colwood’s recovery depends on how we help our residents and businesses through these challenging times.

  1. Last night council passed a 0% residential tax lift and a business tax reduction that over the next 5 years will match the average business rate in the CRD.  
  1. In coordination with South Island Prosperity Project, Councilor Kobayashi has been appointed to the Regional Prosperity Recovery taskforce. In addition, Councilor Kobayashi chaired the Colwood Development and Business leaders Covid 19 Recovery RoundTable that included business leaders, the Westshore Chamber and council. These roundtables are designed to help the city understand the real impacts on local businesses and what we as city can do and the importance of advocating to our provincial and federal governments on how to best support local business moving forward. 
  1. Brief summary of the City survey to help us better understand how COVID-19 is impacting business owners, we invited all Colwood businesses to participate in a survey.

    • We received 68 responses representing 16 different business categories including construction, finance, health, food + accommodation, professional + technical services, education and more.
    • Mostly from small businesses with between one and four employees, as well as from larger businesses with up to 200 employees.
    • About a third of the responses were from home-based business owners.
    • Most respondents (78%) were from private sector businesses.
    • As expected, many are taking a hit in terms of decreased sales, closures, reduced staff hours, cancelled contracts and layoffs; and most expect those impacts to continue.
    • They offered ideas about how the City, the Province and the Federal government could help.
    • Half the respondents expect the economic rebound to be slow, 35% are unsure.
    • Staff are reviewing the data now and have a tentative date for a second Business Round Table discussion to move forward with actions. 
  • health – balancing continued vigilance with loosening restrictions, continuing to follow the direction of the provincial health officer 
  • protecting vulnerable populations – approval of affordable housing at 85 Belmont 

I have a question for the two of you since you over the last month spoken to almost all the Westshore Mayors as well as our MLA Mitzi Dean. My question is “what has the Westshore done right with Covid and what are opportunities for our communities do our municipalities have moving forward?


Mayor Ken Williams from the District of the Highlands

Mayor Ken Williams from the District of the Highlands

April 24, 2020

In this episode we talk to District of Highlands Mayor Ken Williams about the park closures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and how the Highlands is British Columbia's most efficient municipality!

Record April 20th 2020

A conversation with View Royal Mayor David Screech

A conversation with View Royal Mayor David Screech

April 23, 2020

Thanks to View Royal Mayor David Screech for an overview of View Royal's response to the COVID health crisis. Highlights:

  • 4 mile pub / 6 mile pub / casino - all major revenue sources for the municipality, all closed
  • View Royal staff becoming the defacto information portal for the community
A community based conversation with Mitzi Dean, MLA Esquimalt-Metchosin

A community based conversation with Mitzi Dean, MLA Esquimalt-Metchosin

April 22, 2020

In our first "Recorded" Podcast with Esquimalt-Metchosin MLA Mitzi Dean we talk about a number of topics related to life in the Westshore and across our Province.

Both John and Kelly would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone in MLA Deans office that continue to work and help local residents in this very stressful and challenging environment.

COVID-19 Topics and Links

  1. Small Business BC Covid Information - https://covid.smallbusinessbc.ca/hc/en-us
  2. WestShore Chamber of Commerce dedicated COVID-19 web page - https://www.westshore.bc.ca/covid19.html

Gender Equity in B.C.

  1. Mitzi Dean is the Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity - https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/gender-equityh

We also talked about the co-operative nature and communication between the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.

Esquimalt-Metchosin Constituency Office

Lindsay Dault - Country Bee Honey Farm

Lindsay Dault - Country Bee Honey Farm

April 22, 2020

In this podcast with Lindsay, Co-owner of Country Bee Honey Farm (6440 West Saanich Rd) discusses:

  • their planned walking & pollinating tour
  • Lindsay reviews all the farm animals located at their business for folks to visit and enjoy
  • we had fun talking about lean-to's...
  • there are over 50 bee-hives at the farm 
  • we chat about Agri-Tourism development on the Peninsula
    • likely more stay-cations this summer
    • move to local food & support local
    • we talk about multi-ZOOM virtual dinner table meetings... :)


Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins - COVID response and planning

Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins - COVID response and planning

April 15, 2020

We chatted with Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins about Esquimalt's COVID 19 response. She reviewed what has happened, what is happening and most intriguing what will happen in the near future. Listen in to this concisely planned and managed response to our Global Health crisis. 

Corona Virus Langford - April 4th

Corona Virus Langford - April 4th

April 4, 2020

Please note that we conduct these podcasts somewhat on the fly...they're very impromptu...we are certainly not in a recording studio...LOL! But the information needs to get out to the community asap...today Mayor Young reviews:

  • his summary of the current status of the of the virus in his community
  • his analysis of government recovery and assistance programs:
    • a reflection of Langford's in-home testing program
  • the new construction site working rules announced April 3rd


Mayor Rob Martin of Colwood - COVID-19 response

Mayor Rob Martin of Colwood - COVID-19 response

April 1, 2020

We discuss the City of Colwood's:

  • response to stopping the spread of COVID-19
  • working relationship with the Provincial Health Officer
  • preparation for future economic impacts
  • immediate budget implications - "moving towards a 0% tax lift"

The Mayor also discusses the emotional & mental impact of this health crisis on the Colwood community.

Colwood notice:

On Tuesday, April 7th at 6pm, HMCS Calgary will depart Esquimalt Harbour as military personnel deploy and leave their families behind during some of the most uncertain and challenging times we have ever encountered.

Base Commander, Captain Sam Sader and Mayor Rob Martin are working together to allow military families access to the Lagoon Beach in Colwood to wave goodbye to loved ones and see the ship off as it sails out. This small action will be a great comfort to both the departing sailors and the partners and children staying behind.

Colwood Bylaw Officers will open the gate at Fort Rodd Hill to allow families to access the beach. Base personnel will ensure families comply with strict physical distancing measures for the hour or so that they will be there.

Bylaw Officers will re-lock the gate after military families have departed.